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              About Us
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              China Construction Integrated Building Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on integration and modular building field against the background of new building industrialization and prefabricated building vigorously developed by the Fortune Global 500 – China State Construction Engineering Corporation, as well as the industrialization platform for standardized popularization of temporary buildings and the professional extension for overall process green construction expansion of China State Construction Engineering Corporation.

              The company adheres to the concept of green construction, energy saving and environmental protection, takes the opportunity of project investment and development, and is committed to the whole industry chain business involving R&D design, manufacturing, logistics transportation, site installation, leasing sales, and late integrated service of new modular buildings and ancillary products, to provide the total solution of office, residence, and commercial application space for users by quick, professional and efficient service.
              The product lines of the company are abundant, and are widely used in the fields such as construction sites, cultural tourism, public facilities, hotel apartment, military camp, characteristic town, school facilities, sports event, emergency rescue, industrial and mining camp, and creative architecture.
              The highly prefabricated modular space can be deployed rapidly and economically, and can be used for various building types such as temporary, semi-permanent and permanent.