The human  resources
              Human Resources

              Talent strategy

              We firmly believe that the human resource is one of core competitiveness of the company. 
              For the Chinese architecture, one aspect of reflecting the competitive advantage best is to possess a large number of talent teams who are expert in technology, management and marketing, and loyal to the enterprise and cause, firmly believe the team interests higher than the personal interests, and can be self-restraint, self-motivated, and self-developed.
              We will always comply with the basic human resource management concept of “keeping talents by cause, emotion, and treatment” and “focusing on individuals”, implement this concept into our human resource management policies, build the salary incentive mechanism of combining with personal value creation and ability and sharing the enterprise development achievements by three full-staff coverage of career planning, educational training and performance assessment, reinforce the talent attraction and development, and provide the powerful talent support for the enterprise development better.
              We will always persist in the employment principle of equal stress on integrity and ability and taking morality as first.
              Everyone has his / her own strong and weak points. We comply with the concept of “utilizing the advantages of talents”, rather than pursuing the perfect man. We always persist in the “performance principle”, and “judging the hero by performance” through “horse racing mechanism”. The only thing to negate a person is his / her “conduct”. We absolutely will not employ the person with “disorderly conduct”.